Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rager top 10 This one's for my friend's.

1. A larger gathering usually of highschool or college students where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed.

2. a party where everyone there calls everyone they know to come rage the house. eventually theres like 500 people, the house gets trashed, and the cops come.

3. An extremely powerful erection " I woke up this morning with a rager! "

4. an epic adventure; involving a combination of fire, mayhem, sex or disorderly conduct. usually ran on little sleep and fueled by drugs & alcohol.

5. People who are easily provoked and for no reason hostile to anyone. They usually attempt to provoke people by insulting people without knowing nothing of their victim. Ragers are commonly found on the internet and online games, for they have no life in the real world so they must retreat to their virtual world.

6. same as boner "You gonna let me stick this rager in your mouth? slut "

7. The pinnacle of partier. A rager occasionally rolls from Friday to Sunday without sleep, but prefers to go longer. Drugs are always involved.

8. A long day of drinking that starts when you wake up, preferably in the morning, and goes until sleep is needed to prevent death.

9. a party where a bunch of straight-edge kids sitt, and try figure out what they're going to do. "hey bro, this is a pretty sweet rager."

10. aggressive behaviour associated with a specified environment or activity